TechEra Foundation

TechEra Foundation is the India's first Techno Non-Profit Organisation.It is the only Organisation Who gives Education as well as Computer Education Simultaneously to the needy person, Specially children. Because, In India, nearly 8 million children did not get Education as well as Computer Education yet. Our mission is to Educate Children and make them Independent. In adittion we also Have "MISSION COMPUTER LITERCY". Our Mission is to make India 100% Computer Literate along with proper Education.
VISION:-Our vision is to create maximum numbers of computer literate peoples and create more numbers of Good Professionals. In addition, we have vision to poverty and Unemployment.

TechEra Internship Program

TECHERA INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (TIP) is one of the best Internship Program Ever. It is of six months. It is Designed to Provide Quality of Learning During Internship Program. It is also Designed to Check the skills, dedication, Attitude and Team spirit of the Intern. In this Program, Intern will get many new learning's as well as They will also face many different levels of challenges and most of them are real life challenges. In the End of the Internship Program, Intern will be evaluated on the basis of their overall performance and will get full time position if They will successfully clear the Six months Internship Program of TechEra.