Meet TechEra Securities

Techera Securities is one of the leading Innovative Cyber Security Company in the Global Industry Based Out of Hyderabad (India) . It Provide Services such as VA/PT,Complaince,IT Audit,Cyber Crime Investigation and many more... and It Build Most Innovative Products related to Cyber Security which is Useful for End Users to Protect their Systems, Networks and Their Own Identity.Taking this as an initiative, TechEra Securities have come forward to Spread Awareness about Cyber Laws in India and provide a Consultancy of various Cyber related issues for the People all at one Place. This initiative also informs about Internet and Cyber Crimes against Women in India and Applicable Laws, Cyber Crimes Investigation in India.Recently,It is Featured in "Top 20 Most Promosing Cyber Security Companies of year 2015" by CIO Magazine. It is Currently Mentoring by Indian Infosec Consortium (Govt. of India) and IBM India Pvt ltd.

Meet TechEra Learning Center

TechEra Learning Center is India's First Deep Learning Center with a Exculsive Focus on Deep Technologies and Deep Sciences.

It is Designed by Experienced Personalities from Computer Field for Layman's, Beginners and Experienced Learners. In This We Teaches You Technology in very simple and innovative Way .

Meet The Design Studio

The Design Studio is the Most Innovative VFX and Creative Studio in which Most Amazing and Stunning Works we create.